Summer 2021

Just like our spring tea party, this event was different and I almost didn’t document it here.

But again, I want to reflect on this year for what it is was… and in some ways it was even harder than 2020. I think because we lost our energy a bit. The grief was really hitting all of us in different ways.

This event happened to fall with horrible timing, too. Our summer teas are usually the least attended already, and this was no exception.

This time we invited a new friend, Katie to join us. We ended up being a party of 3 at a beautiful restaurant in the basement of an antique store.

At the end of the tea, a rude encounter left a bad taste in our mouths.

Overall, this tea was memorable but not because it met expectations, really. Instead, it was a much-needed intimate conversation between three friends, with delicious food and the reminder that when we stick up for each other, the world feels a lot less scary.

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