Winter 2020

“Spend life with people who make you laugh and feel loved.”

Theme: Pretty in Pink – 3 Years as the Seasonal Tea Society!

Teas: Earl Grey, Raspberry, and Chai

Food: Veggie pizzas, cinnamon rolls, Valentine cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, pasta salad, macarons, cookie & dip tray, fresh veggies

Activity: Make your own macaron bar

Memories & Jokes to Remember: We celebrated the upcoming arrival of Alanna’s 2nd baby with a book & gift card “sprinkle”. Britt W. was able to join us after taking a break for a bit.

The spatula mixup (Britt M + Kelli), the creamer pouring sound catching everyone off guard mid-picture, Tiffanie letting us shop her stash of goodies she receives as gifts from her Youtube channel.

Hours after the party was over, 2 of us had the flu, 2 of us were throwing up, and the rest had headaches, sniffles, and the like. Oh, well! We’d do it all again!


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